For nineteen years, twin brothers Sheft and Teller grow up leagues apart from each other, yet feel the same distant call. Separated at birth for their own protection, they don’t remember the twin they are connected to, yet each bears in their hearts the same wounds and on their backs the same scars.
     Both hide a deadly secret that can get them killed, but neither knows who they truly are, nor the depths of the powers they possess. Dark entities—some of them human—threaten them both. One twin defends himself with fire and the other with ice, but will either ability affect the Spider-king who hunts them? Hated and alone, a danger to all who come    
too close, Sheft and Teller believe they must never allow themselves to fall in love.  
     Coin of Rulve [ruhl-vay] is an arc of four powerful literary novels that build into a climactic fourth. Told against the plots of the powerful and the providence of the Creator, Coin weaves several themes not always associated with fantasy: the tough journey toward self-acceptance, the link between heroism and compassion, and the community’s role in wounding or healing the ones born to save it. 
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Exploring the Coin world

Book One: Blood Seed

The story takes place in the isolated village of At-Wysher in the Land of Ullar, southeast of the Meera River.  
Sheft can't bring himself to tell his beloved Mariat the truth about his cursed blood. Nor can he share with her a sudden, devastating revelation about who he is and the dangerous journey that awaits him. But when he is forced to take part in the secret, blood-letting Rites of the Dark Circle, he confronts the true magnitude of the evil arrayed against him. It threatens to strip away all he has, but will first break his heart.

Book Two: Dark Twin

This novel is set in the Land of Shunder, across the Meera River and northwest of Ullar. 
Snatched as an innocent boy into the Spider-king's subterranean stronghold, Teller endures mind-probes that twist his memories of home. He grows up as the dark rebel, simmering with hatred for the family he thinks abandoned him. But when he discovers within himself the legendary power of fire, the beautiful slave Liasit ignites the memory of a twin brother---and a long-forgotten call. Now Teller must choose between saving his life or losing his soul.   

Book Three: Time Candle (left) and Book Four: Leaf and Flame (right) 

Surrounded by the haunted Riftwood, the Seani is the small hillside community in which Sheft and Teller were born.  It lies directly across the Eeron Valley from Oknu Shuld, the Spider-king's formidable underground fortress. The Quela (right) is the heart of the Seani, a rustic hall supported by twelve ancient trees. It is the center of the Seani's spirituality, where residents gather to pray to their Creator. Its main features are a mythical spring called the Pool of Rulve and the great jade window into which the open hands of the compassionate Creator are carved.
In Time Candle, Sheft and Teller have made it home, but a deadly poison has left them with only thirteen hours to live. The Seani leaders know the brothers are the only ones who can challenge the Spider-king’s rising malice, and they must race against time to save their lives. In Leaf and Flame the Quela is the place where Sheft and Teller must decide if they have the courage toaccept a mission that will bring them face to face with a rapacious enemy that has long hungered to destroy them.

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